Monday, September 21, 2015

Vital Plan

I was searching the internet for more alternative ways to treat Lyme. I had enough of antibiotics due stomach irritation. I decided to look into other natural herbal methods. I stumbled across this website site and book called Vital Plan and the book is Suffered Long Enough. These supplements had so many positive reviews on how people have become symptom free after taking the Restore program supplements. I had to try them! 

I really love how the site goes in great detail about Lyme and how the products work. I have seen improvement in a short time by taking the supplements. I started out slow and did feel some herxing and fatigue, which is to be expected. I'm a few weeks into this program and slowly working my way up to taking more pills. I feel like I have more energy and it has calmed down nerves. I also feel less joint pain.

The Restore Program:
The 4 Products Include:

Adaptogen Recovery

Mitochondrial Support

Prevention Plus

The Vital Plan Website:

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