Monday, September 21, 2015

NRT (Nutritional Response Testing)

NRT (Nutritional Response Testing) is performed by using your body's muscle group in combination with acupressure points to find weakness in your body. The chiropractor will use herbs and tinctures to help improve your health with what they find in the analysis. Each NRT reflex represents a specific organ, tissue, or function which shows the effect that energy or lack of energy has on the body. This program is designed to address the problems you are having so that your body can heal itself. The neat thing is that this will tell you through muscle testing the exact nutrients you need to supplement your diet in order to improve your health. When we have nutritional deficiencies it can lead to a breakdown in our immune system and this NRT can restore these deficiencies for you.

This summer my sister told me about a chiropractor she was seeing that did NRT (Nutritional Response Testing). She had a friend who has Lyme and was seeing improvement with her health by doing this testing. I thought what do I have to lose, so I had myself and my daughter tested. She found that Lyme was in my body, I had some heavy metals, and food sensitives. She will test every organ with this NRT program and she chose two priorities. My priorities were my lungs and thyroid. She gave me some tinctures to drain those organs is how she explained it to me. She only charged $25 per visit and then charges for each herb. Every chiropractor is different in their prices. I would do a google search on NRT in your areas. She had me lay down and raise my arm in the air as she would put pressure on my arm and have me hold different kinds of vials. I have seen her about 4 times now and I have seen improvement. She gave me some herbs to help me fight the Lyme as well. This is another natural alternative to improve your health and see what your weak areas are in your body. 
NRT Video

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