Monday, September 21, 2015

My Daughter's Journey

I have an 8 year old and a 3 year old daughter who have had symptoms. I want to share my daughter's journey with Lyme. My 8 year old daughter had a chronic hacking cough that started in kindergarten. I took her to see my doctor when she was 5 years old and she said that she had asthma. We did breathing treatments on her, but that really only helped a little. She was having a difficult time sleeping and eating due to this terrible cough. I asked her pediatrician to allergy test her with a blood test, but only dust mites showed up. My husband and I were desperate and thought maybe her cough was from asthma and dust mites. So we cleaned all her bedding, removed her stuff animals, and encased all her bedding. Her cough somewhat improved, but came back in first grade. 

By second grade she was having new symptoms. She started complaining about stomach aches and headaches. This was about the time I started getting sick so I took her the immunologist I was seeing and he Lyme tested her. He also tested her for mycoplasma pneumonia and that came back high. Her Lyme test came back showing 3 bands and he said there was a high chance she had Lyme, but he would need to test her with the expensive $450 test that I had done in order to treat her. He said she could have gotten Lyme from me through birth, so that means I probably have had Lyme for years. Lyme can lie dormant in your system for years and you can only have mild symptoms. Luckily her C4a test for inflammation came back normal. He put her on liquid antibiotics and her cough had improved. He retested the mycroplasma pnemonia and it came back that it was in normal range. Her other blood work came back she was low in zinc so we started supplements for zinc. He said he could food allergy test her, but it would consist of pokes up and down her arm.

My sister told she was doing a NRT (Nutritional Response Testing) through a chiropractor. 
The chiropractor is testing your body's neurological reflexes. She can test for food allergies, heavy metal, bacteria, and organ weaknesses. So I had her test my daughter and she had many food allergies like gluten, sugar, dairy, and corn. This testing is non-evasive and painless. She said cleaning up her diet will be most important in getting her better. I eliminated all those foods from her diet and her stomach aches went away. She takes zinc and magnesium minerals too. I give her probiotics and vitamin d drops in a vitamin water everyday. Her symptoms have greatly reduced. I hope this will keep her well.

Now my 3 year old was tested last year when she was 2 1/2 years old for Lyme and vitamin D. She had 2 bands showing and was low in vitamin D. The doctor said that Lyme can eat away the vitamin D. She seemed to be sick all the time and we always thought it was because she was in daycare. I give her vitamin D, zinc, and probiotics in a vitamin water and she doesn't get as sick anymore. I think I will have to address food allergies down the road like my oldest daughter. I hope that if I keep their immune system strong and healthy that they will stay symptom free. My hope is they will not suffer like I have and live healthy happy lives! 

**Update: I started giving my kids Liposomal Vitamin C Liquid that I bought online. Here is the post on that subject,  My oldest daughter has experienced some herxing from it so I give her magnesium drops in her water and that has been helping her not have headaches.