Friday, September 18, 2015

LDI (Low Dose Allergy Immunotherapy)

The immunologist I'm seeing told me about the LDI (Low Dose Allergy Immunotherapy) and I have done 4 doses of it so far. Three have been injected in the arm and one was squirted under my tongue. I had a bad herxing headache the first two times and a little herxing on the third one. They have to find the right dose for you is what they told me. It does feel like a bee sting for about 30 seconds if you get the shot, but under the tongue it is painless. You can get them every 7-8 weeks apart and it cost $70 each time. LDI (Low Dose Allergy Immunotherapy) helps restore immune tolerance to the environment inside your body.

Overall I have seen improvement in my health and I can't say for certain if it's from LDI or not, it's maybe to soon to tell. I think it will take more than just 4 LDI doses to see improvement. From how the LDI was explained to me is that the LDI helps settle down my overactive immune system and tell my body that the Lyme bacteria and the other harmful bacteria is not a threat to my body. The LDI helps treat Lyme as less of an infection and more of immune issue. My doctor really thinks this is the answer to Lyme. 

Here is wonderful article on the LDI and why its beneficial:

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