Monday, September 21, 2015

Essential Oils

My sister introduced me to essential oils after she went to a young living party. I bought a kit from her in the hopes of helping me with Lyme. I used the Lavender to help me sleep, which helped me a little. I used Pan away for the joint pain. I used Thieves when I felt a cold coming on and I would rub it on my kids feet. I would use lemon oil in my water and drink it throughout the day and would feel some herxing. I used Peppermint for the kids' tummy ache and headaches. 

Overall it helped a little bit, but I was so sick at that time when I used it that it's hard to say. I still use the lemon oil in my water sometimes and the peppermint mixed with coconut oil for my kids' tummy aches. Many people have success with the essential oils and you purchase them through a distributor, eBay, or Amazon. I even bought some Doterra oils that I think works just as well. 

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